Ipsy Glam Bag: April

Hello everyone!

I want to start off by saying I am not a beauty blogger, or a makeup artist and I do not have massive knowledge about skin care but that is exactly why I am writing this. I am a makeup and skincare super fan however I lack the talent and expertise. I follow a lot of beauty bloggers and absolutely love their content! They make it all look so easy and flawless but I do not have that experience whenever I try to recreate a look.

So here I am with a basic knowledge of makeup, being an average woman and my honest opinion.  I wanted to have a chance to try all the products before I wrote this so sorry for the delay!

If you are unfamiliar with Ipsy it is a monthly subscription that after taking a beauty and personality quiz they match you with five sample size beauty products; including, hair care, skin care, makeup, nails and more. What is really cool about this service is after you review each month’s products it will further personalize what you like and match you with other similar products.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company: Slanted Tweezers

I have loved this company for a long time mainly due to their adorable packaging! I received these tweezers in Rose Gold and gave them 5 stars, they also fit perfectly in my vintage girly theme! I have been loyal to my Revlon tweezers that I bought probably some eight years ago. And being a girl with eyebrows that require daily maintenance it has been nice to find another trusty pair! I would definitely recommend these to a friend!

tweezer 4-18

Briogeo Hair Care: Rosarco Milk Rparitive Leave-In Conditioning Spray

Now I have high standards for hair products due to my frizzy unruly hair! I have never tried a spray leave-in conditioner before and I must say I didn’t hate it. I don’t think I’ll add this to my daily routine because I have mastered an odd mixture of products that work for me. But I’ll definitely throw it in my bag for touch-ups throughout the day, especially on those super humid Florida days.

conditioner spray 2018

Laboratories Filorga: Meso-Mask Smoothing Rediance Mask

To be totally honest I only used this mask once! It left my face feeling smooth and soft but I will update once I use this product again!

mask 4-18

NYX Professional Makeup: Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm

I have been a fan of NYX makeup for many years now. Especially their Soft Matte Lip Creams this specific shade is not the best match for my skin tone but the formula is amazing and I’ve been using it as a supplement for less pigmented lippies.

nyx lip 4-18

Luna by Luna Cosmetics: Eyeshadow in Spiced Pumpkin

This eyeshadow surprised me soooo much! The pigmentation is AMAZING, I had so much fun doing a natural gold eye! This is my first experience with Luna Cosmetics but I am extremely pleased. I would definitely recommend this product!

luna eyeshadow 4-18

Finals Week Survival Tips

With the end of the semester quickly approaching and summer being so close on the horizon, there is only one thing separating you from a nice beach vacation. That is finals week! As a senior in college I have successfully survived several finals weeks! I remember how stressed and crazy I would get as a freshman, and although the finals don’t get easier your techniques will become more efficient. A few helpful tips may make your finals week a bit better!

Time Management:

This ultimately goes back to my Tips to Get Organization: Planner Edition post! Write down your due dates and exam dates at the beginning of the semester so you can plan your studying in advance! I know the overwhelming feeling of having 4 projects and like 890 assignments due during the same week, but sitting down and planning them out helps a lot!

So, make yourself a plan, and stick to it! I like color coding and hand writing it because that helps me remember things better!

Drink Cold Water:

Staying up late and cramming for an exam the next day is something every college student has experienced. However, they all make the mistake of pounding caffeine like coffee and energy drinks. Its scientifically proven drinking ice water will keep you awake longer than coffee. Plus, water is a lot healthier for you than caffeine and it will clear up your skin.

Put down the Red Bull and pick up Ice Water, your skin will thank you.

Pavlovian Conditioning:

When I was younger I had a hard time sitting still for a long enough period of time to focus and get homework done. Then in the sixth grade I learned about Pavlov’s Dogs theory and it got me thinking. If you are unfamiliar with the Pavlovian Conditioning theory, it’s essentially an experiment conducted by Russian physiologist, Pavlov, where he would ring a bell every time he fed a dog and overtime the dog began to associate the bell with food. So even when food was not present the dog would begin to salivate at the sound of the bell, essentially the bell sound was ‘hard wired’ into the dog’s brain.

I began to think if that worked with dogs could it help my brain focus more? So I would play the same song before I did homework and it became sort of a homework anthem for me. Not only did it force me to finish all my homework in one sitting, it reinforced my concentration. Still to this day if I am having a hard time concentrating I will play that song to help myself focus.

What was the song? Being the sweet, innocent sixth grader I was and not fully understanding the concept of this musical it was Science Fiction – Double Feature by Richard O’Brien from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Dance Breaks:

I also find it helpful to have mini dance parties during those long nights of cramming. This is something I started doing with my Calculus Study group, every hour we would stop studying and dance in the silliest ways possible then go right back to studying. It’s a good way to break up long hours of math equations!

Study Groups:

Study Groups will help you sooooo much! I have always been very confident in my studying abilities and used to think studying with others would throw me off or distract me. But it has honestly been a lifesaver, I cannot say how many times I thought I completely understood something only to find out I was missing a major portion. Plus teaching or helping others understand a topic in turn helps you understand it better as well.

Good Luck on your Exams!!

The College Triangle

Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to talk about the triangle of a college student. This is my take on a phenomenon that I believe is present in every college student’s life. In the traditional model you have three choices: good grades, social life, and enough sleep. I have changed it up to what I believe is more realistic, the three choices are good grades, social life, and career. It is rare to find a student excelling in all of them, but common to find students choosing two out of three. But here’s a secret with time management and balance you can achieve a bit of all three.

For a majority of my college years I unintentionally chose studying and career over my social life. But once I was in junior standing I realized that there is a lot of overlap in all three of the points. To elaborate, when a student gets closer to graduation and starts focusing more and more on what they want to do after graduation they tend to surround themselves with people who have similar plans and end up helping each other advance in their chosen career path.

For instance, I am majoring in Entertainment Management with a focus on the Music Industry. Once I received my associates degree and started taking more focused courses I met so many people with the same or similar ideals and dream careers as me. This led to us meeting up outside of class and studying together (good grades point) or volunteering together at music festivals (career point) and eventually we all went to Mardi Gras together, just for fun (social point).

I guess what I’m trying to say is hang in there. If you feel like you are drowning in school work,  applying for internships and trying to hang on to a shred of a social life. Don’t worry, we have all been there. When you find your ‘path’ it will feel right and comfortable. It may not be easy because it takes a lot of hard work to achieve your dreams but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy the journey!

college tri pic

Travel Tips and Tricks: Packing Edition

As some of you know traveling is my main passion, so much so that when I realized the perfect job that included travel didn’t exist I created it myself! As I am preparing to go overseas in May and I thought I’d share some of my favorite traveling hacks to make your travel experience easier!

1 Roll Vacuum Sealed Clothes Bag

I love love love these bags! After having absolutely everything except a plane crash go wrong on a trip two years ago I started using these bags. A flight home that should have taken less than 24-hours and ended up taking about 3-days changed my packing methods forever. During the first leg of the long journey home my checked bag mysterious got so soaking wet that there was not a single dry piece of clothing in the bag despite my own advice I did not put extra clothes in my carry on. These vacuum sealed roll bags would have (and have since) saved me from wearing the same clothing for several days.

They are also great for clothes that wrinkle easy and for saving space! I put all my clothing in these and end up with extra room in my suitcase every time! I bought my bags at TJ Maxx and have used them for 4 international flights and they have held up exceedingly well.

Here’s a link to buy them on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Roll-Up-Compression-Storage-Organizers-RoomierLife/dp/B015VDB4L4/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1522690890&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=roll+vacuum+bags+for+travel&psc=1

2 Set of Clear zip top makeup bags

I started with a small little cosmetic bag with dinosaurs on it that I purchased from Forever 21, sadly the dinosaur one is discontinued however if you go to https://www.forever21.com/us/shop/and search clear makeup bag you’ll find a variety! But I have since upgraded to a set of three (a small, medium and large) that I bought from TJ Maxx, I’m all about the deals!

These bags are perfect for me because I can put the large one with all my hair and skincare products in my checked bag and not worry about them busting open. The two smaller ones I put in my personal and/or carry on bag. I like these because they have a tad more room than the Ziploc baggies and TSA has never given me an issue with them! I am also paranoid and probably put more in the clear bags than I have to, like foundation, BB cream and concealer.

I just bought my mom a set of these bags because she loved how functional mine were!

Clear cosmetic bags have made my traveling experience so much easier and simpler!

Here’s a link to buy a similar set on Amazon : https://www.amazon.com/BBTO-Pieces-Toiletry-Cosmetic-Organizers/dp/B075H99176/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1522857501&sr=8-2-spons&keywords=clear+makeup+bag&psc=1

3 Placement in suitcase

When I first started traveling in my adult life I did not realize how much the placement of certain items in your suitcase mattered. Always put your shoes and bulky sweaters in the bottom of your suitcase (toward the wheels). This way when you are rushing through the airport to catch your connecting flight your suitcase will not be top heavy and topple over! This is one tip is learned the hard way! Always remember to put your heaviest items near the wheels!

4 Refillable Water Bottle

Always and I mean always bring a refillable water bottle! I bought my camelback on amazon 2 years ago and personalized it with stickers from RedBubble, the bottle and stickers still look great and this bottle may be the most useful purchase I ever made. Most airports, subway stations, and pretty much any public square have water fountains or those nice motion activated bottle filling stations. You will save so much money by bringing a refillable bottle. I carry mine with me at all times and sometimes even pour in my left-over water from lunch or dinner in order to save money!

Extra Tip: If you ask the stewardess on the plane real nice they will pour water directly into your bottle. They most likely won’t fill it up but you will definitely get more than one of those tiny airplane cups.

Water Bottle Link: https://www.amazon.com/CamelBak-Bottle-0-75-Liter-African-Violet/dp/B015DJASPY/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1522857831&sr=8-3&keywords=camelbak+water+bottle+.75+liter

RedBubble Stickers: https://www.redbubble.com/shop/stickers?ref=global-nav-top

5 Bed Sheet Sleeve for Shoes

Another money saving hack I love using is whenever I buy new bed sheets and they come in the plastic zip top style bag, I save the bag! These are perfect bags for shoes for traveling! Since the plastic makes them mainly waterproof you can even stick your dirty or wet sneakers in the bag and not worry about them touching other things in your suitcase.

Another hack for shoes is using a shower cap to stick the bottom of your shoes in! This will save you money and time in packing!

6 Fanny Pack

Not only are fanny packs coming back into style (especially for festival goers) but they are super helpful in airports! Whenever I go through security or to board a plane I have an anxiety about getting my passport and boarding pass out quickly, and during the sprint to get your belongings and shoes back on after TSA I’m always afraid I’ll lose something in the shuffle. Fanny packs are a way to allow my mind to rest. Most will fit a passport, boarding pass, cell phone, headphones, hand sanitizer and small miscellaneous items.

This way after security checks your passport and boarding pass in the fanny pack it goes, zip it up and forget about it! Fanny packs are also great for personal safety and have a natural anti-theft quality.

Runaway Country Music Fest

Hello! I apologize for my lack of posting this weekend I got the opportunity to work with the lovely people of Runaway Country Music Festival. I’ve always loved music festivals, meeting new people, and experiencing the business side of the music industry and this was the perfect opportunity to combine all three! runaway.JPG

After finishing my work on Saturday I stopped by the main stage to watch Florida Georgia Line perform!

This weekend was an amazing experience and I encourage anyone with a love for music to keep Runaway Country Music Fest in mind for next year!

Tips to Stay Organized: Planner Edition

Organizing things is something I’ve always liked to do, from closets to daily planners I enjoy making them look neat and ordered. I’ve gone through countless ways of organizing and finally found a system that works for me. The same system doesn’t work for everyone, this isn’t a magic cure-all for clutter! You need to try out different organization tactics and see what is easy and doable for you.

#1 Daily Planner

I’ve fell in love with daily planners in elementary school when the PTA would give them to all students for free, most ended up in the trash can by the end of the day but Planner Day was my favorite. I quickly realized I started to rely on the planner more and more often and updated it continuously. When I entered college I was grateful I had an organization method that worked for me.

First, color coding! I cannot stress this enough! I have a different color to represent all school work, work scheduling, internship hours, social activities ect. I have 5 main categories (these vary throughout the year) currently and they are School, Work, Internship, Blog and Social Activities. Every now and then I have an ‘Important!’ category which is aptly paired with the color red.

Second, content. I mainly use the handwritten daily calendar for general things I need to have done for a specific day, for example I handwrite all exam dates and project deadlines. I don’t necessarily write or plan specific times for activities in, except for hard scheduled class times or set times for work.

Third, size does matter. I prefer to keep a smaller planner (about a 5’x7’) as opposed to a full sheet size, so I can throw it in my purse or bag without worrying it’s too large.

Finally, layout. A planner with a day to day section is a must for me. The full month calendar view is not as helpful or effective as a daily breakdown section.

planner 3:20 .JPG

The above picture is my beat up little planner, that I rarely leave home without! I nabbed this daily planner at a local TJ Maxx for about $8, I never really felt a connection to buying the $30+ planners that essentially were the same as the cheaper ones!

#2 Digital Calendar

One of the main reasons I chose the colors I did for my daily planner is the Apple Calendar program. The color coding on my digital calendar correlate with my handwritten daily planner. This way my brain gets used to seeing orange for school, green for work ect.

Personally I use Apple’s program Calendar but I am familiar with Google’s Calendar feature and prefer to use Google strictly for work or professional reasons. It is really easy to invite professional contacts to a meeting, conference call, or appointment through google calendar.

The great thing about Apple’s Calendar, if you own and use Apple products, is that the Calendar app automatically connects with all your other Apple devices. I find this super helpful with while using my Apple Watch!

For busy days I even go to the extent of planning specific times for activities. For example, 9:00-10:30am work on Inclusion Music Festival signage requirements and order all signs.

organ calendar 3:20.png

#3 Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes might seem outdated but I find them incredibly useful. There are some weeks that my entire schedule is not ‘set in stone’ and I have to continually move things around, sticky notes help me with that! I will write down the assignment or activity that needs to be completed and stick it in my planner on the day I plan to accomplish it, if something comes up I just move it to another day.

The sticky note technique is especially useful for college students during mid-terms and final exams time when students have a bunch of studying, projects and assignments to complete at the same time. Physically Writing it down helps you consciously remember it better as well as helping you effectively planning your time.

sticky note method 3:20

#4 Travel Plans

For those of you who have a passion for travel like me, must utilize Microsoft Excel!!! I have planned all four of my past trips this year in Excel and it is a huge anxiety reliever and stress manager knowing all your flight information, lodging information and confirmation numbers are in one easy to access place. I am putting my final touches on my trip to the United Kingdom in May this year and will show you all my finalized version of an Excel planned trip soon!

Here is an example of a Rock Band’s Pacific Northwest United States 10-day Tour that I managed a couple months ago! I planned it entirely in Excel (with minor use of Microsoft Word) and the tour went great with no travel issues. I have restricted the Band’s name and specific dates for confidentiality reasons.

Average Gas Expense based on 13 MPG
Location Venue Distance in Miles from Previous Travel Time Cost (Gas on Average)
Eugene, Oregon HiFi Music Hall 0 miles (Start) 0 hr 0 min $0
Portland, Oregon Mississippi Studios 114 Miles 2hr 26min $24.73
Portland, Oregon The Star Theater 2.6 Miles 11min $0.56
Olympia, Washington Rhythm & Rye 114 Miles 1hr 47min $24.73
Seattle, Washington The Crocodile 62.5 Miles 1hr 8min $13.56
Everett, Washington The Anchor Pub 29.2 Miles 1hr 11min $6.33
City Milage   40 Miles   $9.40
Total   347.3 Miles   $79.31


  Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Day Five
Location Eugene, Oregon Portland, Oregon Olympia, Washington
Venue HiFi Music Hall Promotion Day Mississippi Studios The Star Theater Rhythm & Rye
Lodging Best Western Greentree Inn Portlander Inn and Marketplace Governor Hotel
  Day Six Day Seven Day Eight Day Nine Day Ten
Location Seattle, Washington Everett, Washington Travel Day
Venue Promotion Day The Crocodile Promotion Day The Anchor Pub
Lodging Belltown Inn Courtyard by Marriott

Extra Tip!

Find colored markers that you like and feel good to write with, this will get you excited to write and organize your week! I personally love the Stabilo point 88 fineliner ones!

Half a Day of Spring Break

Spring break is usually a time for college students to cut loose and forget about impending exams and assignments, to just relax and have fun. However, it’s not always like that for all students. I originally had plans to go on a road trip with a couple friends to Georgia but that plan never came to fruition. So I took this spring break to do things, like run errands and schedule doctor appointments, that I usually don’t have time for. After sitting down and planning my week (which is something that helps me stay on track to stay focused and productive) I realized I only had the afternoon of Thursday free.

The morning of Thursday started with blood work and x-rays, doctor’s orders for something that I plan on writing about soon. I even got to wear this super cute lead gown for the full hour of x-rays I got the pleasure of having taken.

xray gown

I then grabbed my mom and we headed to Tampa to go to Hard Rock Seminole Casino, after 5 hours I only was down $12 and was pretty happy with that!

tampa hard rcok betty white.JPG

On the way back to Central Florida we stopped at a Mexican restaurant in Plant City called Mi Casa, they had the absolute best freshly made salsa and fajitas that I’ve ever had. For those who know me know how big of a compliment that us because I am an avid Mexican food fan.


I think I’m becoming a bit too much of an adult because I’m not even upset that I didn’t have a full week off, but I do feel accomplished with all the things I got done without having to juggle class assignments!

I am a Twenty-Something Grandma

I originally became acquainted with this term whilst reading a BuzzFeed article titled If you do 29/41 of these things you are a TwentySomething Grandma. It was soon after the article was featured on BuzzFeed’s snapchat story that the messages started coming in. It started the morning the article was posted and continued throughout the day, countless snapchat chats sent to me with the caption “this is so you” or “you have to read this”. Eventually I succumbed and open the article and started ticking off the boxes, and sure enough my final score was 39/41. Ever since then I’ve worn the term twenty-something grandma with a small sense of pride.

When I first entered college, I struggled with finding my new identity as being a high school graduate but now a college freshman. Something that I believe a lot of college freshman feel, you want to leave your old high school self behind and strive to be considered a ‘real’ adult but don’t actually hold the tools, knowledge or status to be considered an adult. I felt that there was always a stigma around what college students were supposed to do and how students are expected to act. I just never found joy in the traditional college experience of drinking too much alcohol, or staying out late at night in grimy dive bars that don’t check IDs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a prude or someone who looks down on other lifestyles. However, I do enjoy drinking hot tea before bed, having fresh flowers in my room, cross stitching for stress relief, and getting a new pair of pajamas.

When I was around 12 years old I would watch The Golden Girls every night before bed, maybe this influenced me someway and turned me into a grandma before I held a high school diploma. I was also raised in an environment that cherished family time and always had open communication with each other, because of this I never felt a need to ‘rebel’ or act out. It’s possible that both of those things impacted my grandma-ness or neither did. The only thing I do know is I’m usually the party mom in my friend group, and I honestly wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

I used to hide my grandma-ness from people and try force myself to do activities that I had no interest in just so I could feel like I fit in. I now know that is a result of me not understanding that it is okay to have different interests or opinions and trying to oppress my own personality to please people around me. Today I’m confident in my identity, and I am not afraid to share my interests or hobbies, such as cross stitch, attending vintage car shows, or going to renaissance festivals. The funny thing is I love meeting people with different interests than mine because they introduce a new perspective, and they keep me on my toes!nicole room

Here’s a link to the original BuzzFeed article, see how you much of a twenty-something grandma you are!  https://www.buzzfeed.com/jasminnahar/this-quiz-youre-a-grandma?utm_term=.giqyMy8QY#.spgO4ORgW

My Beginning

When I was a young girl my mom used to read me a different story ever night. Some were about princesses in a far away land, others were about dogs who had to find their way home, and some had all rhyming words. The one thing all these books had in common is happy endings, there were no cliffhangers, or suspenseful exchanges, they all promoted success and closure. As I grew up I realized that’s not always true, in life you have suspense, and cliffhangers, and sadness, and defeat but you also have happiness, and love, and hope, and dreams and victories. And all of it, all the good and all the bad, it’s all beautiful. We are all just trying to live our best lives and make experiences that we can carry with us and maybe even tell our future children one day.

Being a millennial I’ve been surround by social media for a majority of my life and I have noticed how easy it is to make your life seem amazing and prosperous. A lot of young girls in todays day and age are continually seeing these perfect lives and dream of a future like that, but you have to remember that people only post on social media what they want others to see of them. Most people won’t post about their struggles or upsets but will post a perfectly edited and angled photo of their brunch. I am more interested in the story behind the picture.

It’s a scary thing to talk so openly about your thoughts and feelings, especially if you are feeling alone in a view or theory you have. I grew up a very awkward child with an unique sense of humor, so I know how to deal with embarrassment. I am making an effort to post my true thoughts and feelings, and my struggles and victories because if only one person reads it and my words help them feel less lonely, I’ll consider that a win.

So here I am just an average millennial girl completely and totally exposed through my words. Lets see where this journey takes me.