My Beginning

When I was a young girl my mom used to read me a different story ever night. Some were about princesses in a far away land, others were about dogs who had to find their way home, and some had all rhyming words. The one thing all these books had in common is happy endings, there were no cliffhangers, or suspenseful exchanges, they all promoted success and closure. As I grew up I realized that’s not always true, in life you have suspense, and cliffhangers, and sadness, and defeat but you also have happiness, and love, and hope, and dreams and victories. And all of it, all the good and all the bad, it’s all beautiful. We are all just trying to live our best lives and make experiences that we can carry with us and maybe even tell our future children one day.

Being a millennial I’ve been surround by social media for a majority of my life and I have noticed how easy it is to make your life seem amazing and prosperous. A lot of young girls in todays day and age are continually seeing these perfect lives and dream of a future like that, but you have to remember that people only post on social media what they want others to see of them. Most people won’t post about their struggles or upsets but will post a perfectly edited and angled photo of their brunch. I am more interested in the story behind the picture.

It’s a scary thing to talk so openly about your thoughts and feelings, especially if you are feeling alone in a view or theory you have. I grew up a very awkward child with an unique sense of humor, so I know how to deal with embarrassment. I am making an effort to post my true thoughts and feelings, and my struggles and victories because if only one person reads it and my words help them feel less lonely, I’ll consider that a win.

So here I am just an average millennial girl completely and totally exposed through my words. Lets see where this journey takes me.

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