I am a Twenty-Something Grandma

I originally became acquainted with this term whilst reading a BuzzFeed article titled If you do 29/41 of these things you are a TwentySomething Grandma. It was soon after the article was featured on BuzzFeed’s snapchat story that the messages started coming in. It started the morning the article was posted and continued throughout the day, countless snapchat chats sent to me with the caption “this is so you” or “you have to read this”. Eventually I succumbed and open the article and started ticking off the boxes, and sure enough my final score was 39/41. Ever since then I’ve worn the term twenty-something grandma with a small sense of pride.

When I first entered college, I struggled with finding my new identity as being a high school graduate but now a college freshman. Something that I believe a lot of college freshman feel, you want to leave your old high school self behind and strive to be considered a ‘real’ adult but don’t actually hold the tools, knowledge or status to be considered an adult. I felt that there was always a stigma around what college students were supposed to do and how students are expected to act. I just never found joy in the traditional college experience of drinking too much alcohol, or staying out late at night in grimy dive bars that don’t check IDs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a prude or someone who looks down on other lifestyles. However, I do enjoy drinking hot tea before bed, having fresh flowers in my room, cross stitching for stress relief, and getting a new pair of pajamas.

When I was around 12 years old I would watch The Golden Girls every night before bed, maybe this influenced me someway and turned me into a grandma before I held a high school diploma. I was also raised in an environment that cherished family time and always had open communication with each other, because of this I never felt a need to ‘rebel’ or act out. It’s possible that both of those things impacted my grandma-ness or neither did. The only thing I do know is I’m usually the party mom in my friend group, and I honestly wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

I used to hide my grandma-ness from people and try force myself to do activities that I had no interest in just so I could feel like I fit in. I now know that is a result of me not understanding that it is okay to have different interests or opinions and trying to oppress my own personality to please people around me. Today I’m confident in my identity, and I am not afraid to share my interests or hobbies, such as cross stitch, attending vintage car shows, or going to renaissance festivals. The funny thing is I love meeting people with different interests than mine because they introduce a new perspective, and they keep me on my toes!nicole room

Here’s a link to the original BuzzFeed article, see how you much of a twenty-something grandma you are!  https://www.buzzfeed.com/jasminnahar/this-quiz-youre-a-grandma?utm_term=.giqyMy8QY#.spgO4ORgW

2 thoughts on “I am a Twenty-Something Grandma”

  1. Aww this was sweet. Girl NEVER hide who you are! It will only attract the wrong people and wrong energy. I’m glad you’ve embraced your grandma ID. Lol I’m such a gran too, I love trying new teas, laying in bed & reading with biscuit & jam, playing old songs. Lol hi5 for being an awesome 20something gran 😘😘

    xx Lena | https://lenadeexo.com


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