Half a Day of Spring Break

Spring break is usually a time for college students to cut loose and forget about impending exams and assignments, to just relax and have fun. However, it’s not always like that for all students. I originally had plans to go on a road trip with a couple friends to Georgia but that plan never came to fruition. So I took this spring break to do things, like run errands and schedule doctor appointments, that I usually don’t have time for. After sitting down and planning my week (which is something that helps me stay on track to stay focused and productive) I realized I only had the afternoon of Thursday free.

The morning of Thursday started with blood work and x-rays, doctor’s orders for something that I plan on writing about soon. I even got to wear this super cute lead gown for the full hour of x-rays I got the pleasure of having taken.

xray gown

I then grabbed my mom and we headed to Tampa to go to Hard Rock Seminole Casino, after 5 hours I only was down $12 and was pretty happy with that!

tampa hard rcok betty white.JPG

On the way back to Central Florida we stopped at a Mexican restaurant in Plant City called Mi Casa, they had the absolute best freshly made salsa and fajitas that I’ve ever had. For those who know me know how big of a compliment that us because I am an avid Mexican food fan.


I think I’m becoming a bit too much of an adult because I’m not even upset that I didn’t have a full week off, but I do feel accomplished with all the things I got done without having to juggle class assignments!

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