Travel Tips and Tricks: Packing Edition

As some of you know traveling is my main passion, so much so that when I realized the perfect job that included travel didn’t exist I created it myself! As I am preparing to go overseas in May and I thought I’d share some of my favorite traveling hacks to make your travel experience easier!

1 Roll Vacuum Sealed Clothes Bag

I love love love these bags! After having absolutely everything except a plane crash go wrong on a trip two years ago I started using these bags. A flight home that should have taken less than 24-hours and ended up taking about 3-days changed my packing methods forever. During the first leg of the long journey home my checked bag mysterious got so soaking wet that there was not a single dry piece of clothing in the bag despite my own advice I did not put extra clothes in my carry on. These vacuum sealed roll bags would have (and have since) saved me from wearing the same clothing for several days.

They are also great for clothes that wrinkle easy and for saving space! I put all my clothing in these and end up with extra room in my suitcase every time! I bought my bags at TJ Maxx and have used them for 4 international flights and they have held up exceedingly well.

Here’s a link to buy them on Amazon:

2 Set of Clear zip top makeup bags

I started with a small little cosmetic bag with dinosaurs on it that I purchased from Forever 21, sadly the dinosaur one is discontinued however if you go to search clear makeup bag you’ll find a variety! But I have since upgraded to a set of three (a small, medium and large) that I bought from TJ Maxx, I’m all about the deals!

These bags are perfect for me because I can put the large one with all my hair and skincare products in my checked bag and not worry about them busting open. The two smaller ones I put in my personal and/or carry on bag. I like these because they have a tad more room than the Ziploc baggies and TSA has never given me an issue with them! I am also paranoid and probably put more in the clear bags than I have to, like foundation, BB cream and concealer.

I just bought my mom a set of these bags because she loved how functional mine were!

Clear cosmetic bags have made my traveling experience so much easier and simpler!

Here’s a link to buy a similar set on Amazon :

3 Placement in suitcase

When I first started traveling in my adult life I did not realize how much the placement of certain items in your suitcase mattered. Always put your shoes and bulky sweaters in the bottom of your suitcase (toward the wheels). This way when you are rushing through the airport to catch your connecting flight your suitcase will not be top heavy and topple over! This is one tip is learned the hard way! Always remember to put your heaviest items near the wheels!

4 Refillable Water Bottle

Always and I mean always bring a refillable water bottle! I bought my camelback on amazon 2 years ago and personalized it with stickers from RedBubble, the bottle and stickers still look great and this bottle may be the most useful purchase I ever made. Most airports, subway stations, and pretty much any public square have water fountains or those nice motion activated bottle filling stations. You will save so much money by bringing a refillable bottle. I carry mine with me at all times and sometimes even pour in my left-over water from lunch or dinner in order to save money!

Extra Tip: If you ask the stewardess on the plane real nice they will pour water directly into your bottle. They most likely won’t fill it up but you will definitely get more than one of those tiny airplane cups.

Water Bottle Link:

RedBubble Stickers:

5 Bed Sheet Sleeve for Shoes

Another money saving hack I love using is whenever I buy new bed sheets and they come in the plastic zip top style bag, I save the bag! These are perfect bags for shoes for traveling! Since the plastic makes them mainly waterproof you can even stick your dirty or wet sneakers in the bag and not worry about them touching other things in your suitcase.

Another hack for shoes is using a shower cap to stick the bottom of your shoes in! This will save you money and time in packing!

6 Fanny Pack

Not only are fanny packs coming back into style (especially for festival goers) but they are super helpful in airports! Whenever I go through security or to board a plane I have an anxiety about getting my passport and boarding pass out quickly, and during the sprint to get your belongings and shoes back on after TSA I’m always afraid I’ll lose something in the shuffle. Fanny packs are a way to allow my mind to rest. Most will fit a passport, boarding pass, cell phone, headphones, hand sanitizer and small miscellaneous items.

This way after security checks your passport and boarding pass in the fanny pack it goes, zip it up and forget about it! Fanny packs are also great for personal safety and have a natural anti-theft quality.

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